Australasian edition of Cultural Trends

In 2010 I coordinated a special Australasian edition of Cultural Trends, the academic journal that ‘champions the need for better evidence-based analyses of the cultural sector.’

The special edition, which is in two parts, aims to expose to an international audience a selection of issues occupying cultural policy researchers and statisticians in Australia and New Zealand.

As well as coordinating the special edition, I drafted two editorials (pre-print drafts available below) in which I try to crystallise the state of cultural statistics and cultural policies in Australasia – a pretty tall order for the space allowed! My articles A poverty of inquiry and Encouraging the academy build on some of the issues raised in the editorials.

Links to pre-print versions of the editorials are below, along with a full list of contents. Article abstracts can be viewed online, and full articles can be purchased direct from the publisher. The journal is also held by a number of libraries in Australia and New Zealand. The good people at the Australia Council library have provided me with a list of libraries, which is reproduced at the bottom of this page.[1]


Volume 19, Number 4, December 2010

Christopher Madden (Read a pre-print copy of this editorial)

Cultural indicators: assessing the state of the arts in Australia
Kay Ferres, David Adair and Ronda Jones

Searching for the “public” in Public Value: arts and cultural heritage in Australia
Carol Scott

Meaningful measurement: a literature review and Australian and British case studies of arts organizations conducting “artistic self-assessment”
Jackie Bailey and Lance Richardson

Measuring the intrinsic benefits of arts attendance
Jennifer Radbourne, Hilary Glow and Katya Johanson

Geographic Information Technologies for cultural research: cultural mapping and the prospects of colliding epistemologies
Chris Gibson, Chris Brennan-Horley and Andrew Warren

Volume 20, Number 1, 2011

Christopher Madden (Read a pre-print copy of this editorial)

Multiple job-holding and artistic careers: some empirical evidence
David Throsby and Anita Zednik

Developments in measuring the ‘creative’ workforce
Stuart Cunningham

Education-to-work transitions of aspiring creatives
Sandra Haukka

Arts Funding in New Zealand: A proposal for reform
Tim Hazledine

Change for change sake: Are tax reforms required to assist the Australian arts sector?
Brett Freudenberg

[1] Library holdings of Cultural Trends in Australasia

23 libraries. Viewable at the National Library’s Trove Australia>

New Zealand
9 libraries:
  • Massey University Library
  • Ministry for Culture and Heritage Library
  • Victoria University of Wellington, Central Library
  • Museum of New Zealand, Te Aka Matura Library
  • NLA: YNZCU – University of Canterbury
  • NLA: YNZAU – University of Auckland
  • Victoria University of Wellington, Central Library
  • Auckland City Libraries
  • AUT University Library

(Many thanks to the Australia Council library for providing this holdings information)


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