A/B testing: get your whole organisation involved

A or B?You’re running regular A/B tests. You’re getting invaluable insights into what really engages your audience. You know there are insights that other teams could use, and you don’t want your results to be buried in monthly reports that nobody reads.

How can you make sure your colleagues – and your managers – know about your amazing, insightful test results?

Why not ‘gamify’ your test results? Start an in-house competition challenging your colleagues to guess the outcome of your tests.

If you were ever fortunate to follow ‘Which Test Won’ before it folded, you’ll know how much fun it can be. Every week, Which Test Won would challenge you to pick the winner of an A/B split test. And because the winner didn’t always match expectations, you were regularly reminded that effective communication is knowing what your audience wants, not what you think they want.

It was challenging and addictive.

Run your own in-house ‘which test won’ quiz and your colleagues will be hooked. Here’s two responses to my own in-house quizzes:

Love it! Thanks. These tests are really insightful – Fundraising Product Manager

So cool! Love it – Communications Manager

The feedback speaks for itself. And the benefits are obvious. Your test results are shared in an interesting and engaging way. A quiz prompts your colleagues to think deeply about your audience’s preferences, and challenges their preconceptions when they guess wrong.

Rather than burying your test results in a management report your colleagues may or may not read, you’re enticing them to think about how they communicate with supporters, and how they – and you – could do better.

So what are you waiting for?


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