A/B email testing by ChrisM

Are your eDMs underperforming? Want to increase your email engagement, but don’t have the in-house expertise or confidence to test your emails? I’ll handle email testing for you, from design, to implementation, to analysis and reporting.

Introductory offer: $200 for one A/B test. Find our more or contact me now.

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“These tests are really insightful – even the ones that show no statistical significance.” (Fundraising Manager)

Examples of tests I have run

  • ‘From’ a person rather than an organisation – 16 to 17 percent higher open rate.
  • Send time optimization – 24 percent higher engagement.
  • Call to action button colour– integrated versus standout colours – no impact.
  • Subject line – ‘hurry’ included for urgency – no impact.
  • Subject line – Recipient’s first name displayed – 10 percent higher open rate.
  • Call to action button text – ‘explore’ had a 68 percent higher number of gift purchasers than ‘order’.

How it works
I’m starting my own email A/B testing service, so for just $200 you can have a high-quality, reliable and easy to understand test of one element of your enewsletter or eDM. Here’s how it works:

  1. You have an email program (such as Mailchimp) through which you regularly contact your supporters/subscribers.
  2. You select one element of your eDMs you’d like to test to see if you can drive greater engagement (see a list of common tests).
  3. I design a test for you.
  4. I  set up the test on your email platform.
  5. I analyse the results – using standard statistical significance tests.
  6. I provide a simple, easy-to-read report of the test outcome.
  7. Depending on the outcome of the test, you:
    • change the element to increase your supporter engagement, donations or conversions; or
    • sleep well knowing that element of your emails is working for you, and spend your energies on other ways you can drive higher engagement.

Simple. Contact me to discuss your test.

Why test?
Don’t try to second-guess what motivates your email audience. Every organisation’s supporters are different – test yours to see what engages them the most.

Testing shows you how your supporters actually behave, not how your digital strategy assumes they behave.

What to test?
Here are some common tests you could try on your supporters:

  • Does including a recipient’s name in the subject line encourage opening?
  • Do teasers or certain keywords work better than others?
  • Does displaying a person’s name in the ‘from’ field lead to more engagement?
  • Does including pre-header text increase opens?
  • Do font size, colours, or button text make any difference to clicks?
  • Does layout matter?
  • Are there language styles that work better than others?
  • Does it make any difference what day of the week or time of the day your email is sent?

About ChrisM
I am an experienced email coordinator for non-profits and charities with a background in statistics and research. I have just established this email testing service because I love to test! Let me help you make the most of your supporter emails. Contact me or use the form below.