Editing and writing

I have written and edited academic and policy research reports, websites, news bulletins, blogs, promotional materials and procedural manuals. I have developed editorial policies and coordinated content for electronic media.

My main professional experience is in arts and cultural policy, but I have also written on human rights programs run by Amnesty International Australia, on animal rights issues for Animal Rights Hub Australasia, and on Caritas Australia’s aid and development programs.

I always try to pitch my writing at as broad an audience as possible, so I was delighted when two of my cultural policy research articles – In defence of the Australia Council and A poverty of inquiry – made ArtsHub’s big stories of 2010. Some examples of my editing and writing are below.


» Website editor and newsletter producer for international aid and development agency Caritas Australia.

» Production editor for newsletters and blogs. Designing and coordinating content generation for ACORNS, the fortnightly e-news bulletin of the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA), the Australia Council’s Research Hub Blog, and Animal Rights Hub Australasia.

» Developing editorial policies and content management procedures for ACORNS and the Australia Council’s Research Hub Blog. These news services are designed to provide quick access to summary information on complex policy issues. The main target audience for both is time-poor executives and other key decisionmakers.

» Editing policy and research documents for government agencies and NGOs. For example: The Road Ahead, Australia Council for the Arts Market Development Agenda 2008 to 2011 strategy document and promotional pamphlet for the Australia Council for the Arts; and research reports drafted for IFACCA by third party researchers.

» Member of editorial advisory board of academic journal Cultural Trends, published by Routledge Taylor and Francis in the UK, from 2006 to 2012. In 2010 I was guest editor for a two-part special Australasian edition of Cultural Trends.

» Peer reviewer for academic journals International Journal of Cultural Policy, Evaluation, and Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management.


I have authored and co-authored policy papers, academic articles, book chapters, conference reports, consultation documents, and promotional pamphlets and flyers. Much of my policy writing has needed to be readable to an international audience with limited English. Some examples of my writing are below. Others can be found at this site, sorted into the topics to the right.

» Academic

» Policy

» Online for a broad audience:

» I have also created online content for web pages and news bulletins for Caritas Australia, IFACCA, Amnesty International Australia, the Australia Council for the Arts and Animal Rights Hub Australasia.