Cultural policies Australasia

Cultural policies Australasia is aCabbage tree Tongariro by Christopher Madden collection of essays on cultural policies in Australia and New Zealand written between 2010 and 2011.The collection includes introductions to the cultural policies of each country, plus analyses of cultural policy issues, arts funding and the research and information systems. It gathers together most, though not all, of the  articles available on this website. Read more and download »

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Supply and demand curves Clarifying human capital
March 2017
The popular use of the term ‘human capital’ is too narrow and will soon become redundant. It needs an overhaul. Here’s how to fix it. Read »
Supply and demand curves Modelling the economic impacts of cultural policies
June 2011
Data suggests that the Australian arts sector is grossly ‘oversupplied’. Could supply-side policies be partly responsible? Economic modelling suggests it could. Read»
Sydney Opera HouseUsing economic impact studies in arts and cultural advocacy
February 2001
An academic paper summarising the case against the use of ‘economic’ impact studies for arts advocacy, written to be easily digestible by non-economists. Read »
Skippy crowdCrowdsourcing government arts funding
March 2011
Government arts funders could harness the power of crowdfunding to get more bang for their buck. Read »
Australia's creative revolutionAustralia’s creative revolution
July 2010
A dramatic rise in Australians’ creative engagement has changed the landscape of Australian culture and demands a new vision for cultural policies. Read »
Supply and demand curvesCreativity, health and arts advocacy
An academic paper providing insights into the arts therapy and arts in health literature and how arts advocates can use the research strategically. Read »
Supply and demand curvesMonolithic cultural policy
After exploring cultural policies around the world, this article lists elements that should feature in
 an Australian cultural policy. Read »