Cultural policies Australasia

Cabbage tree Tongariro by Christopher MaddenThrough 2010 and 2011 I wrote a number of essays for ArtsHub and Culture360 on cultural policy issues in Australia and New Zealand. I have put these essays, plus a couple of others, together in one collection and organised them around four broad themes:

  1. Australasian cultural policies (ie in general);
  2. Analyses of the cultural sector and cultural policy issues;
  3. Arts councils, arts funding; and
  4. The cultural policy system.

Putting them together like this gives them a coherence lacking in their chronologically ordered online counterparts. If you do download the full document I hope you find them interesting and useful. Online versions of all the essays appear on this website.

The collection is downloadable as a single document: Cultural Policies Australasia (PDF 1.8MB). A full list of contents is below.


Section 1: Australasian cultural policies

  • An introduction to Australian cultural policy
  • An introduction to New Zealand cultural policy

Section 2: Analyses of the cultural sector and cultural policy issues

  • Australia’s creative revolution
  • Policies for boosting arts demand
  • Modelling the economic impacts of cultural policies
  • Measuring the economic impact of cultural policies

Section 3: Arts councils, arts funding

  • In defence of the Australia Council
  • Crowdsourcing government arts funding
  • Estimating deadweight loss in arts funding

Section 4: The cultural policy system

  • A poverty of inquiry
  • Encouraging the academy

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